What do I do if I have lost the phone/device I use for MFA?


Multi-Factor Authentication (also known as MFA or 2-step authentication) is an account security feature which allows enrolled users to better protect their MSU Denver NetID by requiring additional authentication steps when logging in, such as approving a push notification on a smartphone or entering a code received from a phone call.

Before you begin...

These instructions will only work if you have set up a backup authentication option. If you have not set up a backup, or none of your backups available, please contact the ITS Service Desk at 303-352-7548 or submit a Login Support Request.


If you use the Microsoft Authenticator App

1. You can use select that authenticator whenever you log in by clicking the "Sign in another way" link.


2. The screen that follows will let you select from any authentication method you've set up at that point.


You will be able to verify your Microsoft Authenticator log in. 


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