What is Lyris List Manager?

Email distribution services are generally-web-based services designed to deliver email quickly and efficiently to large numbers of recipients. These services allow list administrators/owners to easily distribute messages and send out announcements to their whole community as well as communicate with specific segments of that community. These services also provide various tools and options for customizing how individual lists behave, including who can send messages to the list and how people can join it.  Lyris List Manager is a Internet application used to distribute messages and announcements.

Certain lists, such as all-students and all-faculty, are automatically created and updated based on information in the Banner database. Please read Common List Descriptions for information on these lists.

Who can use Lyris List Manager?

MSU Denver Faculty and Staff.

How do I request access to Lyris List Manager?

Please use the Lyris List Distribution Service request page for access to the Lyris List Manager.

How do I access Lyris List Manager?

You can access Lyris List Manager at https://list-L.msudenver.edu. You must be on campus or using GlobalProtect to access.

Lyris List Manager How-to Guide - How to Send Emails?

Lyris List Essential Manual

Lyris List Guide


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