How do I leave a Lyris list?


Lyris List Manager is a Internet application used to distribute messages and announcements.

Certain lists, such as all-students and all-faculty, are automatically created and updated based on information in the Banner database. Please read Common List Descriptions for information on these lists

Before you begin...

You will need to know the full address of the list you wish to leave, ex. "".


Send an email message to "", where "listname" is the name of the list you want to leave or unsubscribe from. Leave the subject line and body of the email blank.


You have now left the Lyris list distribution service for the list you entered. Please note that leaving all- category lists (e.g. all-students, all-faculty, all-employees, etc.) will not work, as they are regularly recreated from the University's Banner database.

For more information on Lyris list manager including helpful guides, see What is Lyris List Manager?


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