How do I post to a Lyris list via email?


Lyris List Manager is a Internet application used to distribute messages and announcements.

Certain lists, such as all-students and all-faculty, are automatically created and updated based on information in the Banner database. Please read Common List Descriptions for information on these lists.

Before you begin...

Please note that you should not...

  • Send your email formatted with HTML.

  • Attach any executable (.exe) or picture files.

  • Forward emails from one list to another.

Doing any of this will increase the size of your email, which may result in a delivery failure, or in the message content being cut off. Note that list administrators can test emails to make sure they appear correctly before they are sent out.


  1. Log in to your email account and begin a new message.

  2. Type "" into the To field, where "list-name" is the name of the list you want to use.

  3. Add the desired subject and the body of the email.


You have how sent an email to a Lyris list. For more information on Lyris list manager, including helpful guides, see What is Lyris List Manager?


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