What is TerminalFour?

TerminalFour (also referred to as Terminal 4 and T4) is MSU Denver's Web Content Management System (WCMS), developed as an effort to support and improve MSU Denver’s Web presence, and is co-sponsored by Marketing and Communications and Information Technology Services. TerminalFour has been implemented to support the creation, management, delivery and sharing of Web content across the University while promoting quality, consistency, accessibility, and security. For more information about TerminalFour, please visit https://msudenver.edu/wcms/.

Who can use TerminalFour?

MSU Denver departmental faculty and staff.

How do I request access to TerminalFour?

For new users, you will gain access to the TerminalFour Web Content Management System. Training will cover how to update web pages, import photos, upload documents and use the basic tools needed to update and maintain your department/program/service web site.

TerminalFour access and website permissions require training and supervisor authorization. You can view scheduled TerminalFour trainings at https://www.msudenver.edu/wcms/training/.

How do I access TerminalFour?

Click the following link to access TerminalFour: https://adt4apps.msudenver.edu/terminalfour/login.jsp 

TerminalFour does NOT use your MSU Denver NetID and password to login.  For help resetting your TerminalFour password, please use the service form TerminalFour Password Reset.


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