How do I approve or acknowledge an employee's time sheet in Web Time Entry?


This article will cover how supervisors/proxies can approve employee time sheets.

Before you begin...

If you need assistance with your login to Web Time entry, please view this instructional article on How do I log in to Web Time Entry?

Please note: MSU Denver faculty and classified and administrative employees are not currently using the WTE reporting system.


  1. On the “Time Sheet or Leave Request Selection” screen, verify that the Approve or Acknowledge Time option is selected and click the Select button.

  2. The “Approver Selection” screen has two options:

    1. Department and Description My Choice Pay Period is a drop down box with a list of pay periods. Select the accurate pay period for approval.

    2. Sort order allows you to “Sort employees’ records by Status then by Name” or “Sort employees’ records by Name.” Select the button for the option you want.

    3. After the selections have been made, click the Select button.

  3. The next screen displays the time sheets to be approved. Under the “Required Action” section the status of the employee will be “Approve” if the time sheet has been approved. To approve an employee’s time sheet, click the employee’s name link.

  4. The Employee’s time sheet provides a summary of total hours. Select the appropriate buttons for the action you want to take:

    1. Approve - If the time sheet is correct, the Approve button sends it to HR for processing.

    2. Change Record - Use to make changes to the employee’s time sheet.

    3. Delete - Used to delete the time sheet entry of the employee.

    4. Add Comment - Use to place a comment in the time sheet that can be viewed by the employee.

  5. After the Approve button is selected, the “Department Summary” screen will display. The “Required Action” section should now be blank.


You have approved your employee's time sheet for the pay period.


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