How do I see my old tickets in the former ticketing system?


FootPrints, our old ticketing system and client portal, will remain read-only for the foreseeable future. This article shares the new link to reach FootPrints if you need to review your closed tickets from before March 1, 2021.

Before you begin...

A network connection is still required to access FootPrints. You either need to be connected to a wired connection on campus, or connected to GlobalProtect to access FootPrints.     


Logging into FootPrints

  1. Connect your computer to a wired campus network connection or connect to GlobalProtect.
  2. Go to 
  3. Enter your MSU Denver NetID (username, not full email address) and password. Click Log In.
  4. On the client portal screen, click on the All My Tickets tab to see your past tickets.
  5. On the "All My Tickets" tab, you can adjust how many results are displaying at the bottom of the window and scroll through multiple pages of results.

Searching your tickets for key terms

  1. Go to the Select item(s) drop down menu on the top of the window.
  2. Click IT Services / Tickets.
  3. In the Search field to the right, enter the key term* you are searching for and either click the magnifying glass or press Enter.


You will be able to view the your closed tickets within FootPrints and refine the results via search.


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