Known Issue: Citrix cursor and application windows not aligned when using multiple monitors of varying size

System affected

Citrix Virtual Lab - all applications - Windows clients

Description of Error

When using Citrix Workspace app on Windows machines where you have multiple monitors connected one of which that has a different screen resolution than the others, the apps you launch through Citrix do not work properly. You may notice that the application windows are off-centered and look strange. Also the application may not respond to mouse clicks because the cursor is offset and actually clicking things to the left or right of where your mouse cursor actually is.


Method 1 (Preferred):

Change the resolution settings in the Citrix Workspace desktop app.

  1. Launch the Citrix Workspace app either from your start menu OR by navigating to in a web browser, logging in, detecting the receiver and launching an application from the catalog.

Image of the Citrix Workspace program in the start menu

  1. Find the Citrix icon in your taskbar near the lower right-hand corner of your screen by the clock.

Image of the Citrix logo on the taskbar

  1. Right-click the icon.

Image of the Citrix options menu from the taskbar

  1. Click Advanced Preferences.

Image of the Citrix Advanced Preferences pane

  1. Choose High DPI from the list of options.

Image showing the high dpi settings in Citrix Workspace

  1. Exit the Citrix app by right-clicking the icon in the taskbar and selecting Exit.

Image of the Citrix options menu in the taskbar

  1. Re-launch the Citrix Workspace app again and try running your application from the catalog again.

Method 2:

Use the light version of Citrix Workspace

  1. When navigating to in a web browser and you reach the following screen, select Use light version. Ignore the following steps if you reach this screen.

Image of the Citrix landing page with light version option

  1. If you have already setup the Citrix desktop app using the "Detect Receiver" option in a previous session and are seeing the application catalog instead, use the preferences menu to change your receiver option so you can select the light version.
  2. Click the cog icon in the top right-hand corner of the Citrix homepage after you have logged in.
  3. Select Account Settings.

Image showing the settings buttons on the Citrix homepage

  1. Select Change Citrix Receiver at the bottom.

Image showing the change citrix receiver option

  1. Select Use light version.

Image showing the use light version option

  1. Your applications will now open in the web browser instead of the desktop app.

Method 3:

Use LabStats to remote into a lab machine and run your application from there. Check out How do I connect to a Windows lab computer from a Windows personal computer? for more information.

More Information

Article from Citrix website documenting this issue:

For information on how to connect to Citrix for the first time, visit How do I connect to the Citrix Virtual Lab Environment on a computer?

If you are still experiencing issues, submit a Citrix Virtual Lab Request and describe your issue or call (303) 352-7548 to get immediate help.


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