Using Microsoft Teams in Canvas for Students


Microsoft Teams is often used for online meetings and events within a course. An Instructor may include a link to the Teams session within Canvas, or they may share that link with students in a different way.

If you are expecting to be part of an Online Teams session in your course but you are unsure of how your Instructor is going to share the session link with you, first look through your Canvas course materials for information. If you cannot find the link within the course, reach out to your Instructor to see how they would like you to access the Teams meeting.

To launch the Teams link from within Canvas, follow the steps below:

  • When you access a page that has a Teams link within Canvas, you will be given a Join [Meeting] (Microsoft Teams Meeting) link.

  • When you click on the Join Meeting link, you will be given some options for launching the Teams application. If you already have the application on your device, then you can choose to open the link in that application.

  • If you still need to download the Teams application or you want to join the meeting by accessing it through your browser, follow the directions provided in your browser window to either Get the Teams app or Join in this browser instead.

  • After you have launched the Teams application, choose the Join now button to enter the meeting. You can also turn on or off your video and audio from this window and/or check your settings before you join the meeting.

  • You will then be put into the course meeting.

More detailed information and instructions for using the Teams application are available on the Online Ready Teams website.



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