How do I set up a Canvas course to facilitate a student with an Incomplete?



This article will walk you through steps on how to set up a Canvas course to facilitate a student with an Incomplete, as well as how to submit their new grade. 

Before you begin...

Please review the rules and guidelines for handling incompletes for your specific department.


When a student has an incomplete in an online course, instructors need to perform the following steps to ensure the student continues to have access in Canvas. 

1. Update the student-facing course:

  • Log in to Canvas and click on the student-facing course.
  • Click on the Settings menu item.
  • Change the End Date to a later date. (please note that this will allow other students to access the course as well. For that reason only reopen it for a reasonable amount of time.) 

2. Take note of which Modules, Pages, Content Quizzes, Discussions, and Assignments the student will need to access. Make sure each of these is set to "Published”.

3. Use the Assign To feature in Assignments (Assignments, Quizzes, Discussion) to ensure the student has access to submit/resubmit remaining assignments:

  • Click on the edit option for each assignment the student needs to complete.
  • Click the + Add button under the Assign section.
  • Locate the Assign To section and enter the name of the student taking an incomplete.
  • Enter the new Due Date.
  • Adjust the Available Until date as needed.
  • Click the Save button.

4. Once the student completes all requirements...


After completing the steps above the student will have access to the course during the specified dates you give them. After Step 4 is complete the student will no longer have access to the course. 



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