Use a Good Endpoint Protection Program


Every computer should have a good endpoint protection program installed and running on it. Windows computers are not the only computers that get infected by computer worms and viruses. Even Mac and UNIX computers can be infected by viruses, worms and trojan horse programs. 

While anti-virus used to be the primary focus, endpoint protection provides additional layers of security. Enhanced security tools go beyond anti-virus and protect your computer from malicious websites, suspicious applications, spam and phishing emails, and also can automatically respond when you’re under attack. At a minimum, keep the built-in security applications and settings enabled, but also invest in enhanced security products to protect your personal accounts and data.   

You can find a wide variety of security products online. While IT Services cannot endorse a particular product, we can recommend that you research products online before purchasing. As security products have access to the most privileged levels of administrative rights in your computer, make sure you are purchasing from reputable sources.   

All computers provided by IT Services has University-managed security software installed and running on them, configured to check for updates daily. All e-mail that passes through the University's e-mail service is also scanned for viruses. Do not attempt to adjust the security settings on your computers.   

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