How do I upload a file to OneDrive?



There are two ways to upload a file in OneDrive.

Before you begin...

Navigate to Microsoft OneDrive in your browser. If you need further assistance with accessing OneDrive, please see this instructional article: How do I access OneDrive?


  1. The first method to upload a file is that you can drag and drop the file onto the browser. It will then upload the file to the folder you are currently in. 

  2. The second way is to click on the Upload button at the top. Then select File or Folder and then choose what you want to upload. 

  3. When uploading a file, you will get a status of the upload. If you want to see all uploads, click on the Circled Info button on the top-right of the browser. This will show you all the recent uploads and gives you a quick link to access them. 


You have uploaded a file to your OneDrive.



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