Making calls on an MSU Denver phone


Dialing From an MSU Denver Phone

Internal Calls (inside MSU Denver)

Dial the 5-digit extension (5-xxxx).

Local Calls (outside MSU Denver)

Dial area code + the seven digit number of the party you are calling.

Direct Dial Long Distance Calls - U.S. and Canada

Dial 1 + area code + the seven digit number of the party you are calling.

Direct Dial Long Distance Calls - International

Dial 011 + country code + city code + local telephone number of the party you are calling.

Toll-Free Numbers

Dial 1 + toll-free number.


Important Phone Numbers

Emergency Calls - Police, Fire, Rescue


Please note: In the event that you dial 9-1-1 by mistake, please stay on the line and tell the emergency operator that you have called in error. Abandoned calls can result in a first responder being dispatched to the origin of the call to insure there is no emergency.

Directory Services

303-615-0411 or 5-0411

Access the University’s "telephone directory" of staff and services. Voice directions provide information about how to contact others.

Voicemail Main Number

303-615-1000 or 5-1000

Check your voicemail using your phone.

Dial-in Conference Bridge

Local calls: 303-615-0444 or 5-0444
Long-distance calls: 1-833-678-3368

To join a Skype for Business meeting from a phone with a local ‘303’ or ‘720’ number, call the local conference bridge number – 303-615-0444. If you are calling from a long-distance number, call the toll-free number – 1-833-678-3368. After placing the call, enter the ‘Conference ID’ assigned to the meeting, followed by the pound sign (#).



Placing calls

  • Pick up the handset, press the Headset key or the Speakerphone key. Enter the phone number. Or enter the phone number first, then press Dial. You may pick up the handset or press the Headset key for privacy.
  • From Lines view: Press the phone Line key, enter the phone number.
  • From Home view: Select New Call using the left and right arrow keys. Enter the phone number.
  • If you are dialing a phone within the University, enter the 5-digit number. For a local call, enter 9 + 10-digit phone number. If you are dialing a long-distance call, enter 9 + 1 + 10-digit phone number.

Tip: Placing Calls Quickly

Select a recent call or Favorite, or select a contact’s phone number in the Contact Directory.

Answering Calls
  • To answer with the speakerphone, press the Speakerphone key or Answer.
  • To answer with the handset, pick up the handset.
  • To answer with a headset, press the Headset key.
  • To answer a new call while on an active call, press Answer. The current call will be held. 
Ending Calls
  • To end an active call, replace the handset, press the Headset or the Speakerphone key, or press End Call.
Holding Calls
  • From Calls view, press Hold or the Hold key. Remember to highlight the call first.
  • To resume a held call, press the Hold key again. Remember to highlight the call first. 
Transferring Calls
  • From Calls view, press Transfer or the Transfer key.
  • Dial the party you wish to transfer to.
  • After you speak to the desired party, press Transfer to complete the call.
Forwarding Calls
  • To enable call forwarding, press Forward from Home or Lines view. Select the forwarding type to enable, enter a forwarding number, press More, and then press OK and press Enable.
  • To disable call forwarding, press Forward from Home or Lines view and select Disable Call Forwarding.
  • To enable per-call forwarding: As your phone rings, press Forward, enter the forwarding number, and press Forward
Placing Conference Calls
  • Call the first party, and after the call connects, press More, and select Confrnc. (Note: ”More” and “Confrnc” will appear after you start the call.)
  • Then, dial and connect with the second party and press Confrnc again.

From Lines or Calls view, you can: 

  • Press Hold to hold all participants, press Resume to retrieve conference from hold.
  • Press End Call to end the conference call.

Tip: Quickly Placing Conference Calls

If you already have an active and held call, press Join to bring these calls together in conference.



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