How do I access the Scan Repository on MacOS?



When you connect to a shared folder on a remote computer, it is known as mapping a drive or mounting a volume.

Before you begin...

To map to a network drive you should first know:

  • The appropriate network path.
  • Your NetID and password to the shared folder on the network. (If the folder is not protected, you will not need your NetID and password to access it.)
  • You will need to be connected to the MSU Denver wired network or the GlobalProtect network to access the "J:" shared drive.


To map network drives in OS X, do the following:

  1. On the finder menu bar, click GO > Connect To Server


  2. The Connect to Server dialog box will display. Complete the following steps:
  • Enter a network path in the Server Address field (example: smb:// or smb://
    1. Add the path to the Favorite Servers list by clicking the + button.

    2. Then click the Connect button.

 Note: If you are prompted to enter a name and password, complete the following steps:

  1. Select Registered User.

  2. Enter your MSU Denver NetID (username). When mapping network drives to computers hosted on campus, the user name might be winad\username.

  3. Enter your NetID password

  4. Click Connect.



      4. After you click Connect, a list of folders for you to select from will display. (You should know which folder you need to connect to on the network drive, because your department specifies it.) Select the folder you would like to connect to and click OK.


Once connected, the scan repository folder will open and an icon will appear on your computer’s Desktop, which is the network drive that you are connected to.

NOTE: When you disconnect from the MSU Denver wired network or VPN network, the mapped network drive will disappear and you will have to follow the above steps to connect back to the desired network drive and folder.



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