Lyris List Distribution Service

What is it?

Lyris List is a list serve email distribution service that delivers large numbers of recipients.  Lyris List is a service that is destined to all be removed so new list serve requests should be made for Office 365 Distribution Group or a Salesforce Marketing Cloud instance.

Current Lyris List users: Please use this request form to troubleshoot membership and sending issues issues. ITS can also make some changes to list parameters.

Who can request this?

Current Lyris List administrators or users may request support. 


For troubleshooting support, include these specifics in your description: the list name(s), emailed subject titles, what date and time an email was sent (if it was sent), error messages or further details. 

Please note that Lyris List administrators manage their own list membership, not ITS.  For administrator how-to guides, please visit our KB:  What is Lyris List Manager?

What to expect

ITS technician will reach back out with any further questions, troubleshooting strategies, or solutions.

Request Service


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Thu 12/3/20 12:48 PM