IT Training, Consulting, or Other Purchase Request

What is it?

Use this request form to request the purchase of non-hardware or non-software-related purchases such as IT trainings or IT consulation services.

Example use cases:

 - Purchasing access to attend an IT conference for you or your team
 - Purchasing a training or certification course for you or your team
 - Paying IT consultants as defined in a SOW

  • Need to request computing hardware (e.g. new employee or dept, computers)?  Please use this service request: Hardware Requests
  • Need to request software licensing on a university device that is not available in Self Service or Software Center for self-install?  Please use this service request: Software Request for University Devices
Who can request this?

Faculty and staff are eligible to request purchasing for the University.


The requestor will need to provide:

  • A brief description of what is being purchased and related cost
  • The FOAP to be charged.
  • Attach a quote or Statement of Work (SOW)
  • A signed W-9 from the vendor if the vendor is new to MSU Denver.
  • If the purchase is for consulting services the end user will need to complete and attach a CPS form (a blank form can be found on the Human Resources website)

    Note: the IT Asset Management team can request a quote and/or obtain educational pricing as needed.
What to expect

Once the details about the purchase have been submitted IT will review the following;

  • Terms and conditions for security, privacy, and other risk factors
  • Whether or not a TDX Project Request is needed
  • Whether or not resources will be needed for implementation and administration
  • Whether or not a Request for Proposal (RFP), Documented Quote (DQ) or Sole Source Document are needed depending on the dollar value and nature of the purchase

If the above results in approval the IT Asset Management team will work with the requestor to complete the purchase.

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