How do I record a Teams meeting?



Microsoft Teams allows you the capability to record meetings and group calls and will store the recordings in the OneDrive account of the person who started the recording.

Before you begin...

Join the meeting via Microsoft Teams or Microsoft Outlook.


To begin recording, click the three little dots, then click on "Start recording."

Start Recording Screenshot

To ensure the recording has transcription, you must also start transcription at the beginning of the recording so that it will retain that information for ADA accessibility.  Click on the three little dots again and click on the "Start Transcription" option.  You may view the live transcriptions of the meeting but clicking the three little dots and select "show transcript"

Screenshot of the options for starting transcription and show/hide of transcript

When you are done recording, click the three little dots again and click on "Stop recording." Note: You do not have to stay in the meeting and wait for the recording. When you are done with the recording and done with the meeting, you can close out the meeting as the recording.

Stop Recording Screenshot

Once the recording is ready, it will automatically be made available to all attendees of the meeting via the meeting chat.

Screenshot of Chat Window showing recording that can be clicked on to access

Additionally, if you are the recording owner, you can access and download the recording by opening your OneDrive at (or on your computer, if you have the OneDrive client set up), or by opening the Teams channel where the meeting was recorded. More information on where recordings are stored can be found in Where are recordings of Teams meetings stored?

If you are an instructor that would like to share your video via Canvas, instructions on how to embed your recording into your course can be found in the CTLD's Ready self-help tutorials.


You have successfully recorded your Microsoft Teams meeting and stored the recording.



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