What is Skype for Business?


Skype for Business (S4B) is a component of the Office 365 suite, allowing unified communications among MSU Denver employees. In addition to supporting our VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) telephone infrastructure, S4B offers 1:1 and group instant messaging/chat, video conferencing, and screen sharing. S4B integrates with Microsoft Outlook, providing presence information and allowing a seamless transition between multiple communication mediums. 

Who can use Skype for Business? 

Students, Faculty, and Staff.

How do I request access to Skype for Business?

Everyone can use Skype for Business to join meetings, send instant messages and call other Skype for Business uses within MSU Denver by default.

If you are an employee and you wish to make outbound phone calls you must submit a Employee Phone Extension request. A phone number will be assigned to you and you will be able to to call out to any phone number (long distance excluded).

How do I access Skype for Business?

S4B is installed on all newly-deployed MSU Denver computers. If S4B is not installed on your assigned MSU Denver computer you can download S4B using the Software Self Service feature. Step-by-step software installation instructions are available on the Self Service Overview webpage.

If you need to access Skype for Business from a personal computer you can download it from the Office portal.

  1. Visit office.com in a web browser.
  2. Sign-in with your MSU Denver email address and password.
  3. Click Install Office.
  4. Click Other install options.
  5. Click View apps and devices.
  6. Click Install Skype.
  7. Skype for Business will begin to download and you can complete the install process from there.



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