Phone Extension requests for employees

What is it?

Employees can be assigned individual phone extensions to sign into desk phones on campus or to take or place calls via the Skype for Business app.  They can also be added as delegates to departmental main line numbers to answer those calls. Request this service to have a MSU Denver phone number assigned to a new employee. 

Use this request form to:

  • Request a phone extension for a new employee
  • Get assistance with your individual voice mail PIN
  • Update what Main Line phone numbers an individual employee/extension can answer.

Note:  phone extensions follow the employee, not the position. If an employee changes roles within the university, they keep their same phone number. When a new employee is hired into a vacancy, they receive a new phone number unique to them.  

Who can request this?

Individual phone numbers can be assigned to full time staff and faculty, affiliate faculty, part-time staff.  Student employee eligibility will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.   Please have a supervisor, department admin, or full-time employees submit this request. 


For your request, please have ready:
 - The name and email addresses of the target employee(s)
 - Location of employee's office
 - Desk phone availability
 - Any departmental phone numbers the employee may need to answer in their role  

What to expect

ITS will reach out if we have any questions in order to fulfill your request. 

Request Service


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