What is Faculty/Staff Personal Wordpress (sites.msudenver.edu)

The university has built a multi-site platform for MSU Denver faculty and staff to host personal sites that are separate from the official University Website.  The sites.msudenver.edu platform is built on the world-class Word press platform, there are several themes available, so websites can reflect their author’s needs. Additional themes and custom plug ins can be added by contacting Information Technology Services .

Who can use sites.msudenver.edu?

WordPress sites can be requested by any full-time MSU Denver Faculty/Staff member.  The sites.msudenver.edu website created would be public to world access.

How do I request access to sites.msudenver.edu?

Fill out the WordPress service request form.

How do I access sites.msudenver.edu?

Visit your Site Admin URL:  [Your sites public URL]/admin.

For example, if your Sites website URL is http://sites.msudenver.edu/rroadrunner, then your administrative login URL to manage your site will be https://sites.msudenver.edu/rroadrunner/admin

Username:  Your Username is your MSU Denver NetID.  Your MSU Denver NetID is anything before the @ in your email address. For example, if your email address is astudent@msudenver.edu your MSU Denver NetID would be astudent.

Password:  Your sites.msudenver.edu wordpress password.  This system does not use your MSU Denver NetID and password to login.  If you have forgotten that password, click the option to reset your password and an email will be sent to your MSU Denver email account with further instructions.

Tutorials for sites.msudenver.edu

The Tutorials listed below are a good starting point if your learning how to build a wordpress website, however not all features presented in these videos may be available on our sites.msudenver.edu multi-site configuration or may look different. 

Wordpress Semantics
First Steps with Wordpress

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