ProctorU Record+ (formerly Auto) - Instructor FAQ

What is ProctorU Record+? Should I use it?

As the number of online courses provided at MSU Denver continues to increase, faculty must promote online assessment integrity and deter cheating within their courses. To this end, MSU Denver has integrated ProctorU, an online platform that provides exam-reviewing and proctoring capabilities, within Canvas.

Two versions of ProctorU (detailed below) are available and can be leveraged by instructors as needed/desired. As a general guide, any individual online assessment that makes up more than 25% of a student's grade should utilize one of the ProctorU options. Further use of these tools is at your discretion.

What is the student authentication service (ProctorU Record+, formerly ProctorU Auto)?

ProctorU Record+ is a student authentication service that verifies student identity, and also provides exam recordings and machine-based (AI) proctoring reports that faculty can review. ProctorU Record+ requires students take photos of their face and ID, answer challenge questions, and enter a biometric keystroke signature to verify their identity prior to taking any exam. ProctorU Record+ is encouraged and ideal for lower-stakes assessments.

Note: This service is not compatible with the Canvas "New Quizzes" feature.

How much does the student authentication service (ProctorU Record+) cost? Who pays for this service?

The student authentication service is provided at no cost to students and is paid for by the institution ($11.00 per student per exam administered).

How do I get started using the student authentication service (ProctorU Record+) for my exam in Canvas?

Please visit the ProctorU support center article regarding how to setup ProctorU Record+ within Canvas.

How do I get support if I have questions or need technical assistance with ProctorU Record+?

ProctorU provides direct assistance to both students and instructors for their services, including technical issues and microphone/camera support. If you need assistance using ProctorU, please reach out to their 24/7 support team, or check their live support resources:


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