What is Respondus?

What is Respondus? 

Respondus is an assessment tool for Learning Systems. At this time MSU Denver only uses Respondus to help Instructors convert text based quizzes into digital test banks that can be uploaded and used in Canvas. 

MSU Denver does not have Respondus Lockdown Browser.

Who can use Respondus?

IT Administrative staff can assist individual Instructors in using Respondus to reformat test question documents so that they can upload those test questions into the Canvas lms system. At this time only Administrators can access and use Respondus. 

How do I request access to use Respondus to convert text based tests?

If an Instructor would like to use Respondus for converting Word or text based quiz questions into a Canvas test bank then they need to format their current text document so that it can be read by Respondus. You can find information on formatting text documents in the Exam Formating Respondus file attached to this KB.  

After the Instructor has formatted their documents they can fill out the General Support Service Request Form, attach the formatted document and request that the text questions be converted to a Canvas Test Bank. 



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