How do I connect to the Citrix Virtual Lab Environment on a mobile device?


The Virtual Lab is an online environment that allows MSU Denver students to use specific software packages for free in an online environment. These instructions will show you how to install Citrix on a mobile device to access the Virtual Lab.

Before you begin...

To access the Virtual Lab on your mobile device, you will need to use GlobalProtect, our VPN service. Ensure that you have been granted access to this prior to following these instructions. You can request access to GlobalProtect here.


  • Using your mobile device, visit the App Store or Google Play, and download the GlobalProtect app and the Citrix Workspace app.
  • Open the GlobalProtect app, and enter into the portal address field.

  • Tap Connect.
  • Enter your MSU Denver credentials and sign in. 
  • Tap the shield icon in the middle of the screen to connect.

  • Once connected, open the Citrix Workspace app.
  • Enter into the company email address field.

  • Tap Continue.
  • Sign in with your MSU user name and password. (Do not include the



You should now be connected to the Virtual Lab Environment. Click Apps at the top left of the page to see a full list of available software for use. Click on the icon of the software you want to use to open it. 

Here is what the apps panel looks like. You can scroll down for more options.


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