ProctorU Live+ - Instructor FAQ

What is the live proctoring service (ProctorU Live+)?

ProctorU Live+ combines student authentication with a live proctor for high-stakes assessments. For any assessment set up with ProctorU Live+, the live proctor conducts student authentication and witnesses the student complete the assessment in real-time. This is a fee-based service paid by each student per assessment, and is provided as an alternative to using the MSU Denver Testing Center for human proctoring of assessments. The University recommends against requiring ProctorU Live+ on more than two assessments per course.

How much does the live proctoring service (ProctorU Live+) cost? Who pays for this service?

Students pay an examination fee directly to ProctorU each time they use the service.

Current ProctorU Live+ Fee schedule
Exam Time Cost
31-60 minutes $17.50
61-120 minutes $25.00
121-180 minutes $33.75
181+ minutes  $42.50

How do I get started setting up a live human-proctored exam with ProctorU Live+?

ProctorU provides direct assistance to both students and instructors for their services, including technical issues and microphone/camera support. If you need assistance using ProctorU, please reach out to their 24/7 support team:


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