How do I access Teams?


Microsoft Teams is a multimedia communication and collaboration tool available to all MSU Denver students, faculty, and staff through their Office 365 account.


1. Log in to your email/Office 365 account through the MSU Denver Student Hub.

2. Click the App Launcher button in the upper-left corner.

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3. Select Teams from the drop-down to launch the app within your web browser.

Please Note: For a more robust user experience, consider downloading and installing the Teams App rather than running it in a web browser. You will receive a download prompt/button once you run the app through the web, but you can also download the app directly from Microsoft's website or the Google Play Store.

Safari Users: Teams will only run in Preview Mode in Safari, meaning some features may be missing. You may wish to download the Teams app, or use a different web browser instead.


You will be able to access Microsoft Teams via the web browser or desktop application. 

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