How do I create a Teams Live event?


This article will take you through the steps of creating a Teams Live event through the Microsoft Teams desktop application. 

Before you begin...

If you are creating a Teams Meeting or Event, you will need to download the Teams app. This can be downloaded here.


1. Click the Calendar icon.

2. In the upper-right corner, click the down arrow (v) next to "New Meeting", then select Live event.

3. On the New live event page, you can enter the title, location, date, time, and other information for your event.

4. Invite presenters by typing their email address into the Invite presenters field. The addresses of people within MSU Denver will auto-populate as you type.

  • Note: If you want to include non-MSU Denver presenters in your live event, please contact the ITS Service Desk.

5. Once you've invited presenters, you can assign them a role as Producer or Presenter using the drop-down arrow next to below their name.

  • Producers can manage the Q&A section of a live event, switch between content and video streams, and control other aspects of the event.
  • Presenters can address Q&A in a live event or provide their personal video/screen share stream.

6. When you have finished setting up the event and inviting presenters, click Next.

7. The next screen will let you set a few options for the live event. First are the event permissions, which will let you set the live event's audience.

  • People and groups is the most restricted setting and will let you specify what people and groups can access the event.
  • Org-wide is accessible to everyone within MSU Denver.
  • Public is open to anyone.

8. Other meeting options on this screen are optional, but please note enabling Q&A is vital to attendee participation.

9. Once you have finished selecting all desired options, click Schedule. The Live Event will then be scheduled.

10. On the next screen, click the Get attendee link to copy the link to the Live Event. You can paste this link into an email to share it with desired attendees.

  • Note: Depending on the type of event you have created, attendees may need to log in with their MSU Denver credentials when joining.


A successfully created Teams Live event will appear on your calendar during the specified date and time of you desired the Live event to take place. 

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