What is Lab Print (PaperCut)?

Lab Print (PaperCut) is software that allows users to print and make copies in the ITS computer labs located throughout campus. Lab Print is available on all computer lab computers.

Who can use Lab Print?

All students, faculty and staff can print and make copies in the ITS computer labs using Lab Print.

All registered students automatically have a Lab Print account generated, and are provided a $25 print credit at the start of each semester in which they're an active student.

How do I access Lab Print?

  • To print documents wirelessly, users must be connected to one of the local campus wireless networks: AurariaNet, MSUDenver, or one of their Guest counterparts.
  • Navigate to the Lab Print website at: print.msudenver.edu
  • Log in to the website using your MSU Denver NetID and password.
  • Select the Web Print tab.
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