How do I change my RAVE contact information?


This article will show you how to edit your contact information in the RAVE Mobile Safety system.

Before you begin...

You must be an active student, faculty or staff at MSU Denver.


When you log in to the RAVE dashboard, you will be brought to the "My Account" tab by default (pictured below). This will list your name, MSU Denver email address, (if a student) your registered phone number, and any additional phone numbers, email accounts, or voice-only line contacts you have added to RAVE.

  • To add a new contact, click the "+ ADD" button next to each type of contact.
  • To remove a contact, click the red X button next to that contact entry. Please note the MSU Denver email account cannot be removed.
  • To change a contact, click the pen-and-paper button next to that contact entry. Please note, if you are updating your phone number, you will also want to change your phone number in the University's database; otherwise, your changes may be undone when the RAVE system next updates. This can be changed through Self Service Banner, which is accessible for students from the Student Hub via the Main Menu link, and for employees from the Faculty and Staff Hub via the Self Service Banner link.


Your RAVE contact information will be updated and you will receive alerts at the contacts you specified.

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