What is Four Winds? What are MSU Denver Digital Signs?

Digital signs are strategically placed throughout campus to keep MSU Denver faculty, staff, and students informed about current events.

Who can use Digital Signs?

Faculty, Staff and Students.

How do I access Digital Signs?

Marketing & Communications has developed a standard template for all campus digital signs, maintaining a consistent look and feel throughout MSU Denver buildings. Departments are granted access to the main content region on each digital sign, with the remaining screen real estate managed centrally. 

ITS has purchased the required software licenses (through Four Winds Interactive), and provides the software and required computer at no cost to the department. Each department is required to fund the display hardware and all installation costs for digital sign setup.

If you want help setting up a digital sign in your department, please submit a service request.

Digital Sign Management

How to manage your Digital Sign using Four Winds?

Click here to view the Four Winds Digital Signs Tutorial PDF.



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