What is Microsoft Defender?

Anti-virus software is the backbone of your workstation and/or laptop security system, working behind-the-scenes to deliver the fast and trusted computer virus and spyware protection. MSU Denver employs Microsoft Defender to protect users from malware and viruses.

Who can use Microsoft Defender?

Students, Faculty and Staff that are using an MSU Denver-issued computer (PC and Mac).

How do I request access to Microsoft Defender?

There is no need to request access to Microsoft Defender. The application is pre-installed on all MSU Denver-issued computers. Defender is not available for install on personal devices.

How do I access Microsoft Defender?

Find and click on the shield icon  in your taskbar or notification area. This will open the security dashboard where you can run virus scans and check on device health.

How do I run a scan from Microsoft Defender?

On a university Mac computer:

1. Locate the Windows Defender icon on your system Menu bar.
2. Click Quick Scan from the drop down
Run quick Scan from Mac Menu bar

3. The scan will begin running in a new window and will show its progress

Window of Defender scan in progress


On a university Windows computer (PC): 

1. Locate the Windows Defender icon on your system Menu bar.
Windows Defender in System Tray

2. The Windows Security screen will open. Click on the Virus & Threat Protection tile.
Virus & threat protection email

3.Click Quick Scan on the new window. The progress of the scan will be displayed.

Run a Quick Scan




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