How do I find emails sent or received over two years ago?


To free up space in your primary email Inbox and help you access your email faster, any messages that you received or sent over two years ago will automatically be moved to your personal email Archive mailbox. You are also encouraged to manually move messages to your Archive mailbox, if you want to keep them but don’t need to access them very often.

You may access the Archive mailbox through the Outlook Web App using the process below.

Before you begin...

If you need further assistance with Step 1, "Log in to the Outlook Web App," please see How do I access my MSU Denver email in a web browser?


  1. Log in to the Outlook Web App.

  2. Once logged in, click the More link located under the Folders heading (on the left side of the Outlook window).

  3. Click the link labeled In-Place Archive - [your name] to open the Archived mailbox.

  4. You should see the same folder structure that you have set up in your primary (non-archived) mailbox.


You can now access older emails in your MSU Denver email through Office 365.

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