Accessing files and folders in OneDrive

OneDrive's user interface is very similar to most file systems. 

Folders are used to store files. You can click on the folder name to go into the folder. 

You can also use the back and forward buttons on your browser to traverse your folders. 

Files work similar to folders but will do different things depending on the file type. If the file can be opened in one of Microsoft's Office programs (PowerPoint, Word, Excel) and you click on it, it will open a new tab using the Office 365 version of that program.

For example, clicking on a Word document will open that document in a new tab, in Word Online.

If you click on a file that isn’t one of the Office file types, it will try to open that document in a preview mode. 

All files and folders can be downloaded locally to your computer. Put your mouse over the file or folder and click on the three dots that appear. Next, select Download.  


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