How do I share files and folders in OneDrive?


OneDrive has the ability to instantly share files and folders with anybody. This can allow collaboration on a document or to simply share a document with a peer. 

Before you begin...

Navigate to Microsoft OneDrive in your browser. If you need assistance with accessing OneDrive, please see How do I access OneDrive?


  1. To share a file or folder, hover your mouse over the folder or file and click the three dots. Then click the Share button.

  2. The next box that appears will be options on how to send it.

  3. Type the name or email address of the person you want to send the file/folder too, and then click Send. This will send a link to that person’s mailbox and they can click on it to have instant access. 

  4. Alternatively, you can click on Copy Link on the bottom left. This will give you a link you can copy and share with your peers. They will have to put this into their web browser to access it. 
  5. Sharing a file can be very specific. You can allow anyone to access it or limit it to just one person. Just click on the big button at the top and select the level of access you’d like to choose. 


Please note, that if the option of “Anyone with this link” is selected, the longest that link can be available is 2 weeks. If you want it to be forever, you must select any of the other options. 


You have now shared a file/folder using OneDrive.

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