Lab Print Tabs Information

In order to access Lab Print Summary Tab please navigate to in a web browser while connected to the MSU Denver network.

Summary Tab

  • The Summary Tab displays the account activities. This includes the remaining balance, total amount of completed print jobs and environmental impact.

Transaction History Tab

  • The Transaction History Tab displays and tracks the user’s transactions. This includes the print locations, the computer used to print, costs, and remaining balance after each use.
  • Users can also check credit added to the user account. Credit can be added via Pay Station machines located in various labs.
  • In the event that a user requires a print credit refund, the user will have the ability to check the status of the request from this tab.
  • Print credit requests are processed within 48 hours.
  • Print credit requests are only honored when there is a technical or mechanical defect/issue that caused the job to misprint.
    All requests based on user error will not be credited.
  • Examples of common user errors include:
    • Printing documents directly from the Blackboard site without using the proper program to open the document first prior to printing.
    • Printing PowerPoint files as full-page slides, instead of handouts.
    • Printing large JPEG files with high resolution.
  • Valid technical errors are as follows:
    • The printer runs out of toner, the print job does not come out, or the printer jams in the middle of a print job.


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