Are YuJa media files captioned?

Information Technology Services has contracted with YuJa to provide automated captioning of audio and video assets. Whether or not an audio or video file will be automatically captioned depends where that video is located.

Videos located in the YuJa Media Library

Videos that are uploaded to the YuJa system are automatically captioned within 24 hours of uploading.

Videos uploaded directly into Canvas as a file attachment or using the Canvas Media Tool

Files that are uploaded directly to Canvas as a file attachment are not automatically captioned. Instructors are strongly encouraged to upload these files to YuJa instead; this will automatically caption the files, and will also provide an improved user experience to students by allowing them to begin viewing the video before it has been fully downloaded.

Videos that are hosted on YouTube that are not already captioned by YouTube

YuJa allows users to import certain YouTube content directly into the MSU Denver media environment, allowing it to be auto-captioned in the process.

  1. Visit the YouTube page where the video is available
  2. Click on the share button
  3. Copy the YouTube link shown
  4. Log in to YuJa
  5. Click on the Upload option
  6. Click on Link option
  7. Select the YouTube option
  8. Paste in the YouTube Link field
  9. Enter a title for the media item
  10. Click on Import Options
  11. Select the Import YouTube video into my account option
  12. Click the check box to acknowledge you have permission to copy the YouTube video
  13. Click on the Start Upload button
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