How to use the fish tank monitoring system in the SI-3009


Step by step instructions on how to operate the camera system, change views and start recordings. These cameras monitor fish tanks 24/7 for experiments in the Ecology lab.

Before you begin...

  • Professor of Ecology Jennifer Seely-Gagliardi is the primary contact for this project and knows the system well.
  • The system was setup by David Sharman and Ryan McKenna from the AV and Desktop Support teams respectively. If there is any trouble with the system, the users have been instructed call the Service Desk, mention our names, and Service Request #17180222.
  • The system was designed to run independent of human interaction and the live stream will automatically restart in the event of a power failure. Should you experience issues with the system, a simple reboot of the computer will return the configuration to its original state.
  • The live stream is hosted through Yuja and can be accessed from anywhere using this link or QR Code:

QR Code for Livestream Link


Changing scenes (to focus on one fish tank)

  1. Open OBS Studio from the taskbar if it is not already open.
  2. Click on Tools, then Advanced Scene Switcher, press Stop. Click Close to return to the previous screen.
  3. Individual tanks are listed in the Scenes panel of OBS.
  4. Each tank is labeled for easy identification. Click on the desired scene before starting the recording.

Starting the recording

  1. After following the steps above, Click the Start Recording button on the bottom right-hand side of the screen.
  2. When you are finished recording, click the Stop Recording button.
  3. Your video files will be available in the Recordings folder on the Desktop.
  4. Next, make sure that Streaming is still running, and resume the Advanced Scene Switcher.
    1. In OBS, click on Tools, then Advanced Scene Switcher, press Start. Click Close.

Information for technicians

There exists an internal article with more information about the technical details of this setup. Please see Technician information for the fish tank monitoring system in SI-3009 for more information.


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