What is an Emeritus Faculty?

Emeritus faculty are instructors that have retired from working at the University but have been allowed to retain their title as an honor.

Who is eligible?

A.)  All faculty who have completed ten years or more of full-time service at the University shall be eligible at the time of their retirement for an emeritus title equivalent to their highest professional rank.

B.)  Faculty who participate in the transitional retirement program or who continue to teach full-time at the University after retirement are considered to be members of the faculty and therefore are not yet eligible for emeritus status.

How do I become Emeritus Faculty?

Contact the Office of Academic Affairs | Jordan Student Success Building (JSSB) -170 

Phone: 303-615-1900

Fax: 303-556-6480

Do Emeritus Faculty members retain access to their University email accounts?

Yes, all Emeritus Faculty members retain access to their MSU Denver-provided email accounts. If you are an Emeritus Faculty Member and you are having trouble logging into your MSU Denver email account, fill out a Login Support Request or simply call (303) 352-7548 anytime.

Is Emeritus the same as Metro Meritus?

No, in fact they are much different. The Metro Meritus program allows persons aged 60 years and older to participate for free in courses offered by the University on a non-credit basis. For more information contact the Center for Individualized Learning, at 303-615-0525 or visit their website at https://www.msudenver.edu/cil/metromeritus-lifelonglearning/


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