Virtual meeting etiquette for Teams


  1. Keep your microphone muted when not speaking.
  2. Mind your webcam when not presenting.
  3. Keep bandwidth dedicated to your meeting. Refrain from excessive web usage.
  4. Close or mute other computer programs that make sounds or give notifications.
  5. Try to have uniform lighting and maintain proper distance from your camera.
  6. If you wish to record, check your applications settings for the best results.

Meeting Content:

  1. Options for playing videos:
    • Screen-sharing with System Audio selected (bandwidth intensive).
    • Paste an accessible website video link in the chat.
  2. When screen-sharing and presenting PowerPoint:
    • Use presenter mode and ask your fellow participants if you’re displaying properly.
  3. Spotlighting panelists:
    • Bring focus to your meeting by spotlighting an individual panelist.


  1. Don’t talk over other speakers. Use the “raise hand” feature.
  2. Dress appropriately for the virtual meeting.
  3. Be aware of your surroundings. Use a virtual / blurred background if needed.
  4. Join the virtual meeting on time.
  5. Don’t share sensitive information. Meeting IDs & Invites are private, unless otherwise noted.

Troubleshooting (if you are having problems with your camera, microphone, or joining a meeting, try these steps):

  1. Leave the meeting and rejoin.
  2. Restart or update the software application (MS teams, browser, etc.)
  3. Restart the computer and accept any pending software updates.
  4. Try a different computer or join via phone and the associated app.
    • To join with phone audio in Teams, click the “•••” and select Meeting Details. Phone numbers are provided within.

Best practice is to always join early and test your technology before the meeting starts.

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