How do I link my ID card with Lab Print?


When you go to release a print job that's been sent to a lab printer, normally you would log in with your NetID or 900 number. However, if you've linked your MSU Denver ID card with the printing system, you can save time by simply scanning your ID card with the nearby RFID scanner.

Before you begin...

These steps must be taken in an MSU Denver computer lab. You will also need a current MSU Denver ID card.


  1. Scan your MSU Denver ID card with the RFID scanner near the printer control pad.
  2. On the screen that comes up, press Next.
    Picture of confirmation screen to associate ID card.
  3. On the next prompt, enter your NetID and password.
  4. Press Associate.
    Picture of computer prompt to enter NetID and password.


You will receive a confirmation message that your card has been successfully associated with your account.

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