How do I install Adobe Creative Cloud on Macs with the M1 Chip?


Users with M1 Macs will be able to install the Adobe Creative Cloud application from Self Service which will allow them to download the Adobe applications they need, along with keeping those apps up to date.

Before you begin...

Users will need a valid MSU Denver account to log in to Creative Cloud and download applications. Adobe only allows a user to activate their license on two devices so a user may need to sign out on one of the other devices before logging in again.


1.Open Self Service and install Adobe Creative Cloud 2021.

2.Once the install is completed, navigate to Finder and open the Applications folder.

3.Open the Adobe Creative Cloud folder and launch the shortcut for Adobe Creative Cloud.

4.When prompted to sign in, enter your MSU Denver email address and password.

5.After logging in successfully, a list of Adobe apps available for install will be visible. Specific apps can be downloaded as needed by clicking install next to the specific application.

Note: When closing the Creative Cloud window, select the option to “hide” instead of quit. Creative Cloud will stay open in the background to sync data and grab software updates when they become available.


Adobe Creative Cloud and any necessary Adobe applications will be installed on the device.

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