Application Access Links


Internal ITS Knowledge base. All customer-facing URLs are located on websites (e.g. Student Hub or Faculty Staff Hub, or departments' website that manages the service (e.g. Financial aid, tutoring center, and others...)

Application Name PRODUCTION Link TEST Link DEV (Only used by Ellucian Managed Services internally for Upgrades)
Academic Works N/A N/A
Acalog N/A N/A
Apex ITS Admin URL N/A
Apex Banner Security Reporting Tool N/A N/A
Apex Health Center Data Export Tool N/A
Automic (UC4) N/A
Banner Access Management

Banner Admin Pages
Banner Document Management (BXS/AppXtender) USER Access N/A
Banner Document Management (BXS) ITS ONLY Admin access N/A
Banner SSB 8 (SSO) N/A - no ssomanager in DEV, use direct SSB8 at
Banner SSB 9 General
Banner SSB9 CommMGT
Banner SSB9 Finance SS
Banner SSB9 Employee SS
Banner SSB9 Faculty SS
Banner SSB9 Banner Extensibiity
Banner SSB9 Student SS
Banner SSB9 Student Registration
Banner SSB9 Student API
Banner SSB9 Integration API ??
Banner System Component Migration System (Code Migration) N/A
Banner Workflow N/A
Canvas (ITS only - deleted monthly) (ITS only - deleted weekly)
Cashnet SSO Link for Students ??? N/A
Chrome River RETIRED N/A N/A
Curriculog N/A N/A
Degree Works - Responsive Dashboard N/A
Degree Works Admin - Controller N/A
Degree Works Admin - Composer N/A
Degree Works Admin - N/A
Degree Works Admin - Scribe N/A
Degree Works Admin - Transit N/A
Degree Works Transfer Equiv. Registrar office use ONLY N/A
Degree Works Admin for Transfer Equiv (Registrar Office Staff ONLY) N/A
Delinia (Formerly Thytotic) NA NA
Digital Measures (Watermark FS) ITS Admin only N/A
Digital Measures (Watermark FS) User access N/A N/A
Dynamic Forms NA - sandbox/test is a sub-organization of the production instance and accessed via the production link NA
EDW Reporting ??? ???
Ellucian Customer Center (Downloads/Documentation) N/A N/A
Ellucian SNOW Case N/A N/A
EvaluationKIT (ITS Admin ONLY) Users access via Canvas N/A N/A
GitLab/GitHub N/A N/A
LinkedIn Learning N/A N/A
ModoLabs Mobile App Admin Login (ITS Only) N/A N/A
Parchment N/A N/A
People Admin RETIRED N/A N/A
Pingdom N/A N/A
Portfolium N/A N/A
ProctorU N/A N/A
Qualtrics N/A N/A
Salesforce Marketing Clould N/A N/A
Salesforce Government Affairs ??? N/A
Sharepoint N/A N/A
Slate Admin URL N/A
SSC Navigate (EAB) ?? ??
VZ Orientation ?? ??
terminal 4 CRM N/A N/A
YuJa N/A N/A
WordPress Admin - SITES - ITS Application Admin/Support Team ONLY N/A
WordPress Admin - University Main Website Clique Studios Access ONLY Clique Studios Access ONLY



Direct Login -



Direct Login -

Implementation - MSU1 (msudenver1)


Direct Login  -

Team Dynamix - User access N/A
Team Dynamix - Technician Access N/A
Team Dynamix - Admin N/A



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