Can I allow external guests to view the chat during a Teams meeting?


When an external guest is added to a Teams Channel they are unable to see the channel chat during a meeting. This article walks through how to get a external guest to see the channel and an alternative way of setting up a meeting with an external guest to allow them temporary access to the teams chat.

Before you begin...

If you like the external guest join a Teams channel meeting they needs to be added to the Teams channel.


How External guests should join Teams to be able to see chat?

  • Guest should not use the invitation send directly to their email. It will not prompt them to sign in or verify their account so they will be unable to see Teams Chat.
  • External guest needs to sign into their personal Teams account and make sure that they are logging into Metropolitan State University of Denver (guest).
  • Prompt at login screen

  • Change after logging in with regular.
  • When the owner joins the meeting, the guest will see the option to join the meeting.
  • The guest will then be able to both send and view the chat.


How to create the Teams Meeting off the Calendar to get external users to see the chat

  • Do not create a Teams Channel instead create a reoccurring Teams meeting off the Calendar.
  • On the Calendar select + New meeting
  • The following page will pop up.
  • Fill out the title, required attendees time, and when the meeting repeats.
  • Then create the meeting.
  • The day the guest needs to present you can just add them to the meeting by editing the meeting selecting edit occurrence and adding their email to required attendees.
  • The guest will receive an email with the teams meeting link that they can use to enter the meeting. External guest will be able to see and respond to the chat temporarily.
  • The reoccurring Teams Meeting however will not show up under channels but under chat.


External user is able to access the teams channel chat.


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