How do I change the expiration date on Teams Meeting Videos?


Microsoft Teams allows users to record their Teams virtual meetings.  When these recordings are processed and can be viewed they are listed within the Chat thread of that meeting for attendees to access as needed. Currently, the default amount of time that those videos are available is set to 60 days. Following the steps listed users can shorten, lengthen, or even remove the expiration date altogether on their meeting videos. 

Before you begin...

After a recording has been created during a Teams meeting it will be made available in that meetings chat area. At that time the default expiration date can be changed by following the below instructions. 

This tutorial is specifically for meeting recordings created during Microsoft Teams online meetings which are being shared in the Teams chat area for that meeting. 

Videos that are created with other methods or downloaded from Teams and shared from other areas are not affected by the same default expiration date. 


  1. Locate the meeting recording within the Teams meeting chat area. 
  2. If you are the owner of that video you will see a tan band of instructions located right below the video recording. video thumbnail in chat example
  3. The instructions in that band will say "This recording is set to expire. View or change the expiration date here." Click on the underlined "here" in that text. 
  4. The linked text will take you to the Video. Underneath the Video there will be the title of the meeting recording, the date and the expiration info for that video that will be showing the default option "Expires in 60 days" 
  5. You can hover over the expiration text and a pop up message will tell you the exact date that the video is set to expire. expiration text screenshot.
  6. To change the expiration date click on the expiration text and a drop down menu will appear showing you different options available to you. Choose the option that best suits your need

   expiration date drop down menu screenshot


After changing the expiration date on the video directly it will then be available within the Teams meeting chat for the time period given to that video. You can go back at anytime to the video to change the expiration date. 

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