How Do I Help A Faculty or Staff Member That Is Missing An Adobe Acrobat Or Creative Cloud License?



A faculty or staff member is missing a license to log into Adobe Creative Cloud or Adobe Acrobat. When they try to log in, they either get an account not found or deactivated error. Students are not given full Creative Cloud licenses, though they can request it for class if needed. A faculty or staff member should have one by default. The process that assigns this license uses the "Faculty" or "Staff" active directory group. The root cause of the problem is the user's account is not being fed into those groups on a nightly basis, and if it is added manually, the process removes them every night at the next sync. Confirm that the user is not in the groups by looking up the user in AD, choosing the "Member of" tab, and verifying that they are not in the "Faculty" or "Staff" group. If they are in those groups, and they still do not have an license, escalate to Systems Engineering for troubleshooting on the Adobe licensing side. Otherwise, use the following work-around.


Method 1: Add the username to the "Adobe Creative Cloud Users" group in Active Directory. This will sync them an account outside of the normal process. Do not use this group for student requests or any other troubleshooting, as that may mask any other issues with group membership the user may have. After adding, let the user know that it may take up to 2 hours for the directories to sync and the license granted as it is an automated process.


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Wed 2/7/24 8:36 AM
Wed 2/7/24 8:36 AM