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If you are new to MSU or are curious about what services are provided with your account, when those services will be available, or when you can expect to lose those services, check out this article!


About your MSU Denver NetID

Your MSU Denver NetID is the first part of your MSU Denver email address, before the @. All students, faculty, and staff at MSU Denver are provided with a NetID and password when they join the university. Your NetID permits secure access to a variety of applications and services, including:

Your password synchronizes automatically – if you change your NetID password, all of the accounts listed above will use the new password. To change your password, please follow the instructions at How do I recover my Office 365/email account (forgotten password)?

Related University Policy: User Account Management Policy

When are NetID accounts created?

  • Student NetID accounts are created within 24 hours of when the student is accepted by the University.
  • Faculty and staff NetID accounts are created within 24 hours of their position's official start date.

How do I manage my account password and multi-factor authentication settings?

Please review our User Account & Access knowledge base category for helpful KB articles to manage your account. 

When are NetID accounts deactivated?

  • Student NetID accounts are deactivated when the student is no longer an active student with the University. According to academic policy, students are considered inactive after three consecutive semesters of non-attendance. This includes the Summer semester.
  • Faculty and Staff NetID accounts are deactivated as soon as they leave their position and no longer have an active employment record in the university ERP system. 
  • ITS also calls this process "life-cycling" when we deactivate accounts according to the account-holders active/inactive status with the university.

How will I be notified that my account will be deactivated / life-cycled?

ITS evaluates which accounts are eligible for life-cycling throughout the year and will notify affected account users before taking action. 

  • Emails to affected accounts will be sent from
  • Notification emails will be sent at regular intervals before the deactivation date: 21 days, 14 days, 7 days and 1 day.
  • An account is deactivated (disabled) for 30 days before it is fully deleted (all data deleted)

Why can't I keep my account/email for multiple years after graduation or leaving my job role?

For employees, It is an important for security practice that account access be removed once an individual is no longer has an active job with the university.   

For students, keeping accounts licensed for inactive students increases security risks for the institution and reduces the number of Office 365 email licenses  available for current students and employees. Therefore, we follow a common higher-ed practice to allow alumni to keep their accounts for  3 terms after graduation before life-cycling. 

What happens to the data in my account after it is life-cycled?

Once your account has been fully deleted, you data within your Office 365 applications -  email, OneDrive Teams, etc. -  will be deleted and won't be recoverable.   

Students:  As you prepare for graduation,  or if you plan to take a long break from enrolling in classes, please back up your important data to another device or storage service that you personally control. 

Employees: Access to any account data (email, OneDrive, local files etc.) after job separation requires approval from HR. If needed, please have your former supervisor reach out to HR to discuss this circumstance so that HR can adjudicate the request and work with ITS to process it. 

I think I received an account deactivation notice in error - how do I get support?

Employees: Please work with your supervisor and/or Human Resources to ensure your job status is appropriately updated in the university ERP system.  HR: 303-615-0999.​​​​​​

Students: if you've paused your enrollment with us for over 3 semesters, you will need to re-apply with Admissions to update your information and status across university systems:

Submit a ticket to IT:  In additions to these steps above, if you have further questions or concerns about account deactivation/life-cycling, please submit this Account (NetID) Life-cycling Support request



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