How do I recover my MSU Denver Office 365/email account (forgotten password)?


After you’ve signed up for the Office 365 account recovery system, if you forget your NetID/email password or need to change it, you can reset your password using the following steps.

Before you begin...

  • Make sure you know your MSU Denver email address.Your MSU Denver email address is your NetID followed by the MSU Denver domain. "".
  • Make sure your account is active. If you are a student, your account will automatically be deactivated after three consecutive semesters that you do not attend classes.
  • You must have previously signed up for the Office 365 account recovery program. This is required for all users when they first log in.
  • Note the phone numbers and email addresses listed in your student records (a.k.a. the Student Hub/Banner Self-Service) are not the same as the phone numbers and email addresses listed in your Office 365 account recovery settings.


  1. Follow the link to the Microsoft Online Password Reset Tool (you can also use the Forgot my password link when logging in to your email, seen below).

    Forgot my password option on sign-in window
  2. The following dialog box will display. Enter your MSU Denver NetID in the User ID text box. Then, enter either the displayed characters or the words from the audio recording in the verification text box.

    Get back into your account screen

  3. Choose a method you have set up to recover your account password, either personal/alternate email, text message or phone callClick Email, Text or Call .

    Alternate/personal email:
    Selecting alternate email option 

    Text message:
     Text message method selected 

    Phone Call:
    Phone call method selected

  4.  Enter the verification code that you receive on the method chosen in step 3 and click Next.

    Enter verification code sent to your chosen method

  5.  Enter your new password and Confirm it. Click Finish.  See our password security requirements to create a secure password.

    Enter and confirm password screen


Confirmation of successful password reset

You will have a new password set for your MSU Denver NetID & Email Account and be able to login to systems again with your new password.


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