How do I change my Office 365 MFA / account recovery options?


Office 365 allows users to set up multiple authentication methods – connected email address, phone numbers, and mobile devices which you can use as second authentication factors, or to recover your account if you've forgotten your password. At MSU Denver, these options are initially configured with the email and phone number used when you applied as a student or employee; however, these options can be changed at any time.

Follow these instructions if you are updating your initial account recovery options, transferring your MFA settings to a new device, or changing your primary authentication method.

Before you begin...

You will need to be able to log in to your MSU Denver Office 365 account to follow these steps. If you are unable to log in, please contact the ITS Service Desk for login support.


  1. Navigate to
  2. Log in using your MSU Denver email address and password.
  3. Click the bubble in the top-right corner of the window where either your picture or your initials are displayed.
  4. From the menu that opens, click View Account.
    Appearance of the account settings drop dwon
  5. On the next page, find the Security info panel and click Update info.
    Appearance of the Office 365 Security Info option
  6. You will see a list of authentication methods that have already been set up on your account. To add a new method, click Add sign-in method. To change an existing method, click Change next to its name.
  7. In the screen that follows, provide your desired contact method. Once you have done so, click Next.
  8. Check the device or account you provided for a code.
  9. Enter that code into the Enter code box.
  10. Click Next.
    Screenshot of prompt to enter verification code.
  11. (Optional) If you want to set this as your default authenticator, click Change next to "Microsoft Authenticator: notification - Change:". You will be given a drop-down menu of all your available methods. Select the one you just set up, then Click Confirm.



Once you enter the verification code, you will see a prompt in green saying verification was successful. You can now use the method you provided as a second authentication factor, or to recover your account.


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