What is Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)?

In the ongoing effort to keep student, employee, and University information secure, Information Technology Services (ITS) has implemented Multi-Factor Authentication (also known as MFA or 2-step Authentication) in the MSU Denver Office 365 environment. MFA is a Microsoft-delivered feature which allows users to better protect their accounts by requiring additional authentication steps when logging in. These additional steps can include responding to a phone call from an automated service, or tapping a push notification on a smartphone.

Who can use MFA?

MFA is enabled on all MSU Denver student, faculty, and staff accounts.

How do I access my MFA options?

You can adjust your MFA settings, including what method(s) you use as your second authentication factor, at any time from within your MSU Denver Office 365 account. If you have multiple authenticators, you can also select which one you are normally asked for when logging in.

1) Log in to your MSU Denver email account through a web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, etc). You can access your email through the email login portal, or by going through the Student Hub.

2) Click your account-icon bubble in the top-right corner of the window where either your picture or your initials are displayed, then click My Account.

3) In the box titled "Security Info", click Update Info highlighted in blue. 

From this page, you can see all the authentication methods you have set up and which method is used first. You have the option to add and remove any additional and available verification methods here.


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