How do I use the Authenticator app if my device doesn't have signal, data, or Wi-Fi connection?


The Microsoft Authenticator app can also work like a hardware token. When you open the app on your device, it displays a 6-digit code that changes every 30 seconds. This code is always synced to your account, even if your phone has no connectivity, so you can use this code to sign in at any time.

Before you begin...

You must have already installed and set up the Microsoft Authenticator. 


1. At the MFA verification screen, click "Sign in another way" or "I can't use my Microsoft Authenticator app right now".

2. The next screen will display all authentication methods you've set up at that point. Select "Use a verification code from my mobile app".

3. Open the Authenticator app on your device and find the current 6-digit code being displayed.

4. Type the current 6-digit code into the Enter Code screen, then click Verify.


You will be able to verify your log in using the Microsoft Authenticator app. 

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