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About your MSU Denver NetID

Your MSU Denver NetID is the first part of your MSU Denver email address, before the @. All students, faculty, and staff at MSU Denver are provided with a NetID and password when they join the university. Your NetID permits secure access to a variety of applications and services, including:

Your password synchronizes automatically – if you change your NetID password, all of the accounts listed above will use the new password. To change your password, please follow the instructions at How do I recover my Office 365/email account (forgotten password)?

When are NetID accounts created?

  • Student NetID accounts are created within 24 hours of when the student is accepted by the University.
  • Faculty and staff NetID accounts are created within 24 hours of their position's official start date.

When are NetID accounts deactivated?

  • Student NetID accounts are deactivated when the student is no longer an active student with the University. According to academic policy, students are considered inactive after three consecutive semesters of non-attendance. This includes the Summer semester.
  • Faculty and Staff NetID accounts are deactivated as soon as they leave their position.
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